Friday, May 9, 2014

Delusions Of Grandeur

I find myself awake at night (or day depending on my schedule) thinking of things that are supposedly not my concerns. I sometimes caught myself day dreaming instead of sleeping. Thinking of things that could, should, and would have been. And no, I am not being sentimental nor remorseful about my past mistakes. Nor do I have wallow on self pity or regret for how bad my current situation is. I had come to terms with those demons way too long ago that they no longer bother me. No, I am kept awake by those delusions of power. Of things I would do and could do given the chance that I am in a position of power to effect the said change. Yes, you got that right. I was day dreaming of being the president of the republic.

There's tons of things that needed to be changed. There's a lot of hope and dreams that can still be fulfilled. There's still a chance for us to get out of this cycle of poverty that our elected(?) leaders shoved our country in. But everything needs to start from one person. The person that people will look up to, someone they can see as the fix point in this fight against poverty, a person they can see as the light at the end of the tunnel. And I believe that person should be the president of the country. Of our country.

As I type these words, my mind started to wander yet again so I have to pause. Our country has a lot of problems and it doesn't need another self righteous, self indignant individual to order it around. With that, my plans and dreams will remain as that. Dreams.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Lost 30LBS In A Month!

Last April 1, after 20 years of avoiding hospitals and doctors, I yielded and had myself checked up (iba talaga nagagawa ng pagmamahal haist!). There's this nagging pain in my lower right abdominal area that I was enduring for several months. In the behest of my beloved, I went to the hospital. They took my vital signs. 5 ft 9 inches... 165 lbs... 130/90 BP... add to that the results of the ultrasound, blood chem, X-rays, and every other poke of needles that they did seems to point that I'm in the prime of my life! It's just pain where no one seems to figure out the source of.  So the doctors decided to do a something drastic. They went and stick a think, hard, long, cylindrical object up my ass. Not that I mind but I usually reserve my tush for my one and only hihihi (and harot!) 

After an hour of enema, half an hour of preparation and orientation, and five hours under sedation, I woke up with a tingling sensation in my behind that felt like the 69 Cosmo bachelors spent they're morning there. Again, not that I mind hihihi...

Another 27 thousand years passed, and the result is finally here! I just have to wait for my doctor to show up and read them to me. And so he did.

The results were inconclusive but finally, a ray of hope, a sign from above, a signal from my behind, a symptom that could be the very reason why I am in pain! At last, my thirst for knowledge was sated!

Then everything was shattered.  Autoimmune he called it. Genetic condition he described it. But all I heard was that I will no longer be able eat ice cream for the rest of my life! Oh Zeus! Kill me now!

Because of my said condition, I have to limit the amount of food I consume. Maximum of two cups of rice a day! That's a day! I currently hold the record in our local Mang Inasal for the most number of rice a person ate in one sitting with just 2 sticks of barbeque as my viand! I should avoid eating red meat, which is for someone who detest veggies is like a death sentence. I have to minimize my dairy intake and ice cream is a no no lest I risk of a stomach flu to last a week! And the biggest food "no-uh" are spicy and oily foods (goodbye lechon, goodbye sisig!) Argh!!!

A new diet a new me. Or so they say. I lost 30 lbs (currently at 135lbs) waistline is now back to 31 from 34, and my partner is now saying that a sign that my long lost abs will come to show again (nambola pa!) But I do feel better with the help of medication (lifetime na ito!) and the support of my ever loving soulmate. 

Aja! See you guys in the beach!