Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Chicken Hazing and The Cheating Cow

I've been sitting on this post for more than a week. Got tons of ideas but I can't seem to formulate the right words to convey what I mean in words that are both equissential and unabrassive. Failing to achieve both, I decisded to go for broke and post my drafts anyway.

June 30

I never really understood the need to join a group. In school, The only reason I join was because it was required albeit my teachers and I know that I will be the only one who will do the work. That's probably why in college I never joined any organization nor even tried to be associated with fraternities. I guess that's the main reason why I can't seem to fathom what needs are being met by people joining such groups to even endure pain just to be accepted. I think it's just sad.

July 1

I've been wanting to post about fraternities and the horror of hazing when I just heard that it just claimed another victim. Another innocent soul lost because of their primal need for association and acceptance. My parents never joined any frats or sorts. My friends would never even try to think of being part of one. We all turned out OK. So this foolish idea that you need to join a certain group is just that, foolish. There's never a need for it. More like stupidity has got the better of them. They should be banned. If they protest or go underground, treat them as a terrorist. Too much? Yeah I guess I'm still operating under the influence. I hate them.

July 3 

I just finished blog-hoping. A bit sad to know that another innocence was lost. Last time it was due to hazing. Today it's because of pride. I think they're the same. Joining a fraternity is like cheating. Nope, it is cheating. People join such atrocities in hopes that the association or "friends" that they will be making will help them later on in life. What this minors have forgotten is that the virtues and disciplines that made fraternities worked in the past are no linger applicable today. Words are no longer being honored and promises are just meant to be broken, we are living in a society of mongrels now. And the sooner these young folks realize this the sooner they can stop their stupidity and become adults.

July 4

It's a US holiday. Another long weekend for me, unproductive as it may be, I would like to post something today regarding cheating.

What is cheating anyway? Different people considers different acts as cheating. It may be cheating for you but for some it's not. So we're better off  not knowing what is cheating for everyone but instead talk about what we should be asking regardless of the meaning. Should we cheat or not? The moral answer is of course no. Why would you intentionally do something that you think will hurt the people around you? That same question, however, is the very same reason why 80% of us cheat. We crave attention and when we don't get what we think we deserve, we do things, terrible things, to get someone's attention. Is it OK? Is it acceptable? Society frowns on it but reality is that this thing happens because there is a problem that needs to be addressed. For my part, cheating is already in the fabric of society so might as well accept it for what it is - reality. Because the sooner we realize it's here to stay, the better we will be.

I will leave my rants here. Don't take me too seriously. I'm Batman.