Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It started great. People talking, chatting, being merry, and happy. Information was flowing, and people are getting to know one another. It was a great day.
                                    G is for Good, when everything falls in place.
                                    G is for Great, when you are feeling awesome.
                                    G is for God, when you see miracles at work.
                                    G is for Grace, when you feel forgiving and kind.
Like any other time, a small group was formed. A group of like minded people, or so I hoped. A group of people that like each other, that sets to do more for one another and to those that they yet to embrace in their own circle. A promise of hope. It was a great day.
                                    G is for Group, when you feel included and accepted.
                                    G is for Guidance, when you feel inspired and mentored.
                                    G is for Gallant, when you feel knightly and heroic.
                                    G is for Gay, when you are happy in general.
As one would expect, it won't always be merriment and fun. There will be friction, there will be arguments. So rules were set, expectations were made, and one by one, the defenses of the people in the group, joined by their common likeness for one another, fell. It was a sad day.
                                    G is for Gauche, when you showed your true self.
                                    G is for Gratuitous, when you do things you do not want.
                                    G is for Gambling, when you put everything in the line.
                                    G is for Gruesome, when the situation turns from bad to ugly.
Smaller circles formed within the small circle. Talking behind someone's back became the norm. And the reasons and likeness for one another, were all but forgotten. Tensions occurred, and the group closed their circle from those others hoping against hope to be part of something revolutionary. It was indeed, a grave day.
                                    G is for Grave, when there's nothing you can do about it.
                                    G is for Grievance, when you feel sad and alone.
                                    G is for Goodbye, when you're leaving everything behind.
                                    G is for Gone, when there's no turning back.
"...and so we go, to another place, another time. A place where we are safe, a place where we are fine. We will definitely miss those who let in our hearts, those who we gave our love, those who we gave our trust. But there is no turning back... there's no turning back."

Friday, July 24, 2015

Then And Now

I half expected that something will change... that something can change. I was wrong. Or maybe, and this is me being hopeful, I just running out of patient and something will really change, it's just that it hasn't happened yet.
I failed miserably in my effort to revitalize my life. Add to that my effort in making this blog exciting was an epic fail. There's no one else to blame but myself. I made a choice, a poor choice, that led to my life being caught in a vicious cycle of despair-anger-hope-crash-despair, that there seems to be no end in sight. Which gave me an idea on how to post on this blog, moving forward. 
'Ganito Ako Noon, Heto Ako Ngayon'
It will be a look on how I was before and how I am now, bearing in mind that the situation is the same as before. It'll be like, when I gambled before I felt no remorse, nor guilt, because it was a conscious decision that I made. That was before. Today, when I gambled, I felt shame and hate. I still made the decision to gamble but the proudness is no longer there. There, something like that. A point of comparison on a younger self, and a way to see if there was a lesson learned, or maturity of any kind. A form of self assessment, with hopes that in time, I will be able to say to myself, 'hah! look, I did that! A form of redemption, a path to self reclamation, a beginning of change of how I change my fate ends.'

Friday, July 17, 2015

I Just Commited Murder

OK, just to clear it up, I actually, didn't kill anyone... yet.
Earlier today, I became a blood donor. I've always wanted to do it. That's why even though the schedule for our office blood drive was way off my office schedule, I made an effort to be there, just so I can give some of my blood away.
That's a good deed right? Well, I'm not entirely sure.
Before they took my blood, they asked a bunch of questions that I didn't answer with complete honesty. In short, I lied.  That's how bad I want to experience this 'blood donation' thing. And in the course of doing so, I may have killed someone, in the near future.
One of the things that they asked was about medication. I told them it's been months since I last took one, but in reality, it's just been a couple of weeks. And it's not just any over the counter meds, they were antibiotics with penicillin content. They told me that I can't donate my blood until it's been a month from the last medication I took, so I lied. That means, there's a slight possibility that my blood still has some left over penicillin in them, and if the worse is to happen, that blood will be given to someone that's allergic to penicillin, boom, instant death.
I also lied about having any medical procedure. I had a tooth extraction recently, hence the reason for the medication. And in one of the question, they specifically asked about it because the anesthetic medication would take at least thirty days to circulate out of my body. And the anesthesia that I requested for my dentist to use why high grade, meaning it is definitely still in my system. Boom, another instant death.
Knowing the potential risk of killing someone with my 'bad blood', I still proceeded with the donation, without the knowledge of the PRC (Philippine Red Cross) or my office. The idea of killing someone was just so mundane for me,, when compared to finally experiencing the thrill of donating your own blood.
Call me a psycho. Call me a killer. It just doesn't matter.
I'm such an evil person :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lesson Well Learned

I reached out to my mentor last week. I still haven't heard back from him. I hope he's fine.
I've been bothered by a question that I wanted to ask him. I wanted to know why, in all the times that we were together, talking, sharing, learning, that he never shared or showed his own personal problems, not even once, to me. I only realized this quite recently, which means, that in those years that past when he was teaching me, I never once cared for him. I was a little shit of a git that only cared for myself.
I wanted to ask him why he never did share, not including his sexual innuendos and adventures, his own humanity. I was left wondering why? Was it because he thought that I will lose some of my respect for him if I see him as a normal person? Did he feel that by sharing his own problems, that it will take away the spotlight from my own issues? Or was it as simple as he didn't trust me enough to share his own burdens?
I wanted to know. I needed to know. Because right now, being as stubborn as I am, I went and tried to become a mentor myself. And thinking that not sharing my own problems to those who look up to me, is taking away something from that mentor-mentee relationship. But my problem is, it's not working. Not one bit.
So I guess, I got the answer for myself. That as a mentor, it's my job to help those who needed guidance. It's not part of my job description to share my own follies to them, because gods know that they are already stressed enough with what they are carrying. As the adult and the person with the most experience, I should have kept my own issues to myself. Doing so, would highlight the issues that needed to be addressed. Not my issues, but theirs. Because as a mentor, as a guide, as a muse, it is these kids' future that's more important. Not ours, and definitely, not mine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Boring Day At The Office

Another boring day in the office. I was browsing 9gag.com when I came across this post:
The first point touched too many nerves for my liking but I kept reading, because no matter how I feel about this post, it has a ring of truth in it. However, as one commenter expressed, words are easy, action is tough.
Numbers two to four is easy. I don't give a fuck about what people think even before when I was in school. That's why I don't have friends growing up. But whatever suffering and pain I've experienced before, it's all gone now, which proves number 3. And I think it's common knowledge that we're in charge of our own happiness, so that's a no brainer.
I would love to make peace with my past. I just can't. I don't think it's possible in my current situation. Number three says that the pain I inflicted on others would have already passed, given ample time, so the knowledge behind it is that we should forgive ourselves for our sins, I should forgive myself. Tough luck. If I do that, then there's a possibility that I will do the same thing to someone else. I'd rather suffer.
It's hard not to compare my life with those that's enjoying the fruits of their labors today. I tried not to compare. I tried not to look. But it's really trying. Knowing what I know, it just makes the first point so darn tough! I guess, we can connect number five and six together. Comparing comes with thinking. Over thinking that is. And I'm prone to that. I have to keep my mind in check to stop it from wandering. Another uphill battle but winning is possible. The trick is not to think.
And the last point. Smile. Laughter is easy but smile isn't. We smile because we're happy. We smile because we're at peace. It's hard for someone as conflicted as I am. But soon, I will smile, too. It's promise that I made to myself.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Bored As F--?!

I've been in the BPO industry for more than a decade but I still haven't climb the ladder of success. I guess, moving from one company to the next is not a bad precedent. That, and my attendance issues.
I know my problem and that problem is myself. I don't think I have the right attitude. Plus, I get bored quickly. As my previous boss would always say, I'm a walking proof that talents are wasted with aimless people. I have the talent, I know how to use them, but for some reason, I choose not to.
Oh, I know I'm good. Actually, better than good. Let's say, for modesty sake, that I'm above average. But that doesn't mean I'm not expendable. I've proven that quite often enough to my own detriment.
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that my current job sucks. It's freaking boring. There's no advancement of knowledge and the pay is just enough to cover my bills. I could leave, yes, but after facing so many rejection in these past months, I think I'll lick my wounds for now, and settle into this job. After all, I can blog while waiting for my workload. It's just that it's so boring.
So boring, in fact, that I brought my origami papers at work so I can do origami whenever the boredom is almost choking me to death. Most of the time though, I surf the net for stuff. Did you know that one of the biggest/largest bat in the world can be found here, in our country? The species Acerodon jubatus also known as giant golden-crowned flying fox, is endemic to our country but is nearing extinction due to deforestation and hunting.  All of that I found out because I had to much time on my hands.
Another thing that I've been doing is scanning the world wide web for one of my long lost blog. I wrote something back in 2007 when I was in the process of withdrawal from the blogging world but forgot what or where I wrote it. It took me a good two days to find them. 'Them' because I actually found two. One that I wrote back in 2007, and the other one, back in 2009.
Please note that they are not so safe for work.


Reading them almost gave me cancer. The grammar sucks, not that I'm perfect now, but knowing that I wrote them and that I can't edit them anymore (I don't know the username and password for them) makes me cringe. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not proud of my work. I am. After all, it shows my psyche during those turbulent years of my life.
Well, that's it for now. I'm a little beat because of something that happened last night that disappointed me. Tomorrow, when I can feel a little more sunshine on my face, maybe I'll do a retro post for all the Project 360 that I missed and the two Origami Tuesdays that I didn't post. Well, maybe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So What?

I was about to post the continuation of my sad story but decided against it. Though I already typed close to 200 words, I scrapped everything and went with this post instead. Because after everything is said and done, I can't changed the fact that I failed. That I relapsed into my gambling ways. That I've lost my entire paycheck in one sitting. That I've ruined my weekend getaway with boyfie. That, I now have no means to pay my bills or even buy food. Those are the facts and they are indisputable. But then again, so what?
So what if I failed?  So what if I lost?
At least I tried.
Now what?
Now it's time to move on.
The Sun still shines right? I'm still breathing. I can still fight.
I might have lost this battle. But I will win this war.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Something To Write About

It's been a while since I've written something here. In all honesty, I was avoiding it. I was afraid to write it. I was afraid that it will just bring me more stress than what I'm already feeling. But I was told that I should write it somewhere. That in some way, it will help. So I thought, if I'm going to write something, somewhere, it might as well be here.

There's no other way to say it, so here it is. I'm a gambling addict. And recently, I relapsed. And no, this is not the first time it happened. What I'm afraid of is that this might not be the last.

It's been years since I gambled. I lost nearly everything. My life savings, my then partner's life savings, my job, my friends, and almost my life. I didn't stop even after I was thrown out of the house that I was living in and had to go live in the streets for a week, begging friends for alms just to get by. Only after incurring a debt in the gambling house that I was frequenting, that I had the sense to stop. But it wasn't easy. I had to handcuff myself to my bed post just to fight the urge to go look for another place to gamble.

I was, for lack of better term, sober, for about two years. That was two years ago. The urge is always there but I was able to keep it at bay. I was able to keep it in check. It helps that I know where all the gambling houses are in my area so I know which streets to avoid. I do not want to test temptation. I might not be able to fight it. But as I said, that was two years ago.

Because two years ago, boyfie, together with one of his best friends, decided to go to a casino. He knew that I was a recovering gambler but we went nonetheless. I knew it was somewhere that I shouldn't be but my pride got the better of me. I needed to be a supportive boyfie. I wanted to show him that I trust him, that I believe that he will keep me safe and in check. After all, we did agree that this is just a one time thing. Or so we thought. We went to that casino, probably, three or four more times. Each time, we lost but we exchanged it for the fact that we had fun and that we were spending it together.

After those rendezvous, I started walking the same streets that I used to walk. I thought, if I can control my gambling with boyfie, then there's no harm. As long as I limit myself to a certain amount, it won't harm anyone. And besides, if I win, then everybody will be happy. Boyfie doesn't have to know.

A few hundreds quickly became a few thousands. After a week, I was already losing my entire paycheck. It was hell afterwards. Some of my plans with boyfie was cancelled due to lack of finances on my side, I ended up borrowing heavily again, and boyfie became suspicious. I lied about where the money went but I know he knows. And so we fought.

After that fight, I stopped. the next few months were great. I was able to do everything that I was supposed to do. Boyfie was happy, I was satisfied. But the urge is still there. Always lurking. The pull of false hope, that 'if I win' thinking is always in my mind. I had to cuff myself again to my bed. And for a while, it worked.

to be continued...