Monday, August 25, 2014

Talk Back Rurouni Guardians!

I've been trying to avoid writing about movies lately. I guess I'm just scared of being called "another movie blog" but what the heck, I already threw my pride away 10 years ago. I should be OK with what people has to say about my own personal damn space.

Alright, now that's it out there, let's begin. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Disclaimer - I never wanted to see this movie. I never liked the comics to begin with. However, since it's Marvel and my boyfriend wants to watch it, there's really nothing I can do. If this sound bias, pardon the author.

Movie is OK. I'd say 6 out of 10. Props for the special effects and the comedic script. I actually end up enjoying the film. The story though is a different matter. Execution was left to be desired, acting was alright, and the ending, that lame effin' credit scene was just offensive. There we are, sitting through the credits, hoping against hope that we will see something about the next Avenger or Captain America film, but what do we get? a lame fucking duck! Ahem, excuse the french.

For Marvel fans, this is an OK movie. For someone out for a good clean fun on a weekend, it's a must watch. But for those looking for something with quality and substance, there are other movies out there you can consider watching. Nuff said.

Rurouni Kenshin - The Kyoto Inferno

I'm a Samurai X fanboy. I grew up watching the anime, read the manga growing up, and dreamed of being Kenshin Himura whenever I can. 

The first movie was good. Not great, but good.The dialogue was lengthy. There's too much "cheesiness" where the writer/director tries to force the Kenshin/Kauro love team to the audience. The actors chemistry was already there, plus the "spark" between the two characters should be gradual, automatic, not forced. But those things I just mentioned, I can ignore. The fight scenes were awesome, the costumes and the character actors played their part to the heart. It was something worth every one of those seven (7) times I watched it on the big screen.

The second movie is awesome. I would say it's even better than the first. The action scenes were a bit rushed and there were those parts that was omitted but the details, effort, story, acting, actors, and everything else is just the right mix to make it work. To even put a movie like this as a real life action movie is just amazing. To see my beloved characters come to life is just beyond any fanboy can ask for. It was worth every effort to be out of the office on time just to be the first in line to watch the first screening of the movie on opening day. The last time I was this ecstatic about a movie was Avengers. And yes, it's that good!

Talk Back And Your Dead

Disclaimer - I have a huge school-girl-kind-of-crush on James Reid.

The movie was half good, half bad. Was it worth watching? Yes. For one specific reason and nope, not because James showed those sexy abs of his, but because of the on screen kiss. Yes, a freaking kiss! I waited for it the entire time I watched Ang Diary ng Panget but it never happened! Grawr!

The story was bad. Let's get it out and over with. Based from another Wattpad story, it was a combination of whatever was going on the author's head so it was just that, a collection of ideas with no apparent goal. Too much of twist, turns, and action. Yes, action. I really thought it shouldn't have been included in the final cut and the money used for it should have been better spent with closing more loose ends. But that's just me.

Kudos to the actors. They performed to the best of their abilities. Granted, there's definitely room for improvement. OK, maybe not a room but a gigantic mansion, but hey, their kids and they are doing what they can.If we actually compare their acting from the first movie to what they did here, there was actually some improvements. We also need to give credit to the writer and director who tried so hard to stay true to the source. Granted, the movie would have been better if they improved on the source or used their "artistic license" on it, but nowadays, people who stay true to the source is too rare that they deserve some appreciation.

Well, there you go. A very long post that composed mostly of drafts from those movies I wanted to write about but was too afraid to do so. But hey, I'm not afraid anymore. So until the next movie, see you in the cinemas indeed!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Walk To Remember

Ever have that one person that occupies your fantasies whenever you're horny? I do. He's name is Von. We met back in 2011 through DowneLink (DL). He had a boyfriend back then and I was just rebounding from a bad relationship. We dated, went out, made out, but nothing really serious nor did we had sex. I really like him. As in, really, really, really like him. So much so that I was too afraid to be in anything intimate with him because I know I can't make him happy. Don't ask, I just know. And no, I couldn't care less for his boyfriend then. That cheating bastard. I'm going to gut him for hurting my Von. But I digress.

So, I like the guy. I think I'm even in love with him. There are times that when I look into my future (madam rosa is that you?) I can see myself being happy with him. But no, it can not be. I'm too much of a chicken shit to go down that road. That's why I contended myself with drooling about his six pack abs, or salivating about his sexy cut arms, or fantasizing about that sweet, red lips of his and what it would feel like around my... stahp!!!!

inhale. exhale.

You get the point. I'm uber attracted to the guy. That's why, even now that we're both committed to someone, I make it a point that we meet once a year. Socially of course. No naughty dirty monkey business. Am I cheating? Probably. Do I care? Of course. But not enough.

I asked him out last June for a movie and and tea. He declined. My hopes were dashed of seeing him this year. But last Sunday, he asked me out for an early dinner. Obviously, I accepted and reschedule my movie date with my boyfriend. I rationalized that this will be just a social meeting so no harm done. And so I thought.

We had dinner at his favorite pizza place in QC. The conversation and catching up was great. We haven't really talked to each other for more than a year and there's a lot of things we can talk about. When we had our fill, we decided to take a leisurely walk down the streets and have a much more intimate conversation.

We talked why I never asked him out officially. He asked why I never made the move when he cried on my shoulders when his ex broke up with him. We talked about our past, my fears, my fantasies, his dreams, his plans, and then he asked why we never went all the way when it's clear we're both attracted to each other.

silence. we walked in silence. contemplating the situation. measuring the temperature. 

and then, for the first time in all those almost four years of knowing each other, he asked me, nope, he offered me, his body. The body, that I fantasize and imagine all those years, mine for the taking, all I have to do is to reach and grab it. I just have to say the words and my dreams will come true.

I said no.

I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to do it. I wanted to take it. But then I said no. I hate myself for saying no. But I did. Because I love my boyfriend. Because I'm afraid that whatever special thing between Von and I, might be snuff out if we do go that route.

because I'm a chicken shit. and I will always hate myself for it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's Been A While

I visit this blog almost everyday yet for all the time that I have, I can't seem to put pen to paper, so to speak. So today, being a weekend and I'm stuck in the office, I finally have the motivation to write something and share my thoughts again - it's just I don't know how and where to begin, which just reminded me of something I heard in one of those countless movies I've seen...

"...always begin your story at the beginning"

and so I shall.

I wanted to write about all those movies I've seen in the past few months. There's been some great ones and those that I really don't know why I watched it in the first place. I just didn't get around to writing any "reviews" about them. Not for lack of trying though. I just lack inspiration.

When the news broke out about the pork barrel scams and scums, I was sure that I have enough mojo to write something here. Surely my political views that's verging to racism is something I've always wanted to share. Alas, no post was made.

When I gave in to that one vanity that I have, I was sure as hell that I would write about it. Yet nothing. All those time I sat in front of my computer ended in a staring match between my blinking cursor and I. 

When Glenda passed by and people where going gaga over how strong it was compared to all those past weather disasters, I was sure I would write something to correct them and point out that it was nothing compared to what I have seen. Yet it was another staring competition that I can't seem to win.

When I got a new laptop, I said to myself, surely, this time, at the luxury of my own room, I would be able to write something. But those dastardly addicting FB games got in the way. GoT Ascent anyone? Sheez.

And now we circle back to this. Another lame post for a lame blog from  a lame blogger. What a pity.

But hey, I have a boyfriend but we haven't had sex for more than 5 months, now that's indeed been a while.